Globalization-Beneficial or Harmful

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  Globalization has been the common trend all around the world in the contemporary society, affecting many people’s lives differently. It is undeniable that globalization has some benefits, but it indeed carries out more negatives than its positive outcomes, which is the reason for me to regard globalization as a bad thing happening to the world at present.

  Before talking about any of its negatives, let’s focus on those positive results it could bring to the world. First, employment possibilities. After almost countries in the world began to globalize and trades between nations began to happen frequently, more trade companies appear in the society, providing more employment to the society. Also, with the globalization in the world, communication between nations also begins to frequently happen, which provides some people with the opportunities to go abroad and work for companies in other countries, increasing the employment possibilities. Meanwhile, it is undeniable that if more people begin to work abroad for foreign companies, a large amount of labor forces in the home country is losing, a potential negative outcome of the globalization on employment possibilities.

  Second, education options. After the globalization and communication among countries, students are given new opportunities of education they could obtain. Now, students could experience an exchange program with a school in a foreign country, or even going abroad for better education there. For example, in China, the idea of going abroad, especially the USA, for better education is widespread in students’, even some parents’, minds. However, looking on the other side, the phenomenon that so many students are going abroad to seek for better education there is reflecting their lack of confidence towards their own education system, reminding the governors that the current education system might be outdated and should be improved.

  Besides for the benefits globalization brings to employment and education, it also relieves, or even solves, some controversial topics in the society. First, gender inequality. In the past, women are recognized as the minority in the society, but things are different because of globalization. After globalization, males are not dominant work force in the society, and women even become the dominant labor in some professions, changing the issue of gender inequality a little bit and bring two sexes back to the same starting line. Next, racial inequality. With the globalization, people in different races have more opportunities to meet with each other, and some races may reveal their specialties or characteristics towards some professions, refreshing other opinions on those races, which I think globalization also solves the inequality of nations. For example, when people in other races found blacks were very good at running, they were impressed and having different thoughts on those blacks, changing from the original ones. Yes, evidence of athletic ability did change perceptions of Black people in racial systems in some countries, but the change added a new set of ideas that remained stereotyping and thus negative for African American individuals.

  Nevertheless, when people think that they are benefiting from the globalization, they are actually experiencing those bad outcomes influencing their daily lives. One of the negatives is that nations are approaching to be identical. Globalization is making every part of the world similar, even identical. Different nation or different race has different cultures and customs originally. After the globalization, they are becoming more similar with each other, losing their own uniqueness before, which could be viewed as a serious problem now in the society and it also be attached some importance to it by people all around the world.Globalization encourages convergence of social norms in different countries to the point that there appears to be a tragic homogenization of experience. In different states and societies. Honestly, in my opinion, those benefits carried by globalization are positively influencing normal people only a little, and group of people benefit most from the globalization is still the top 1 percent of people in every society, in which way the final result is more unequal distribution of resources and wealth happens in every society.

  In all the readings we read in the class, two of them are most related to this topic of influences of globalization and post industrialization. The first one is written by Reich called the Work of Nations, talking about some facts and happenings in different nations after the world transforming to the period of globalization and post industrialization. The second book is called the End of Men by Hanna Rosin. In her work, Rosin introduced the current situation to readers that in the post industrialized society, less jobs need men’s masculinity and more jobs need people to operate the computers and some other devices, providing opportunities for women to rise from the society under the oppression on them for a long time. These two readings are talking about results of globalization and post industrialization, helping us better understand the outcomes of these two vital transformations in the world.











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