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  最新雅思口语话题整理Part 1

  Your work or your study




  Mobile phones






  Leisure time/relaxing







  Trees and forests

  Busy and pressure

  Best time for study in a day

  Family you want to have


  Future job

  Entertaining place

  Post card

  Apartment or house

  Weekends/vacation/enjoyable time

  Countryside life








  What do you do for entertainment?

  What did you do for entertainment when you were a child?

  What do other people do for entertainment where you live?

  What choices for entertainment were there for young people where you live?

  Have you recently been to any place for entertainment?

  Do you think modern lifestyles give people enough time for leisure?

  Healthy lifestyle

  Do you do anything to keep healthy?

  How do people maintain good health?

  What would you say is a healthy lifestyle?

  Is there any sport or activity that you would like to try in the future?

  Did you or do you get any exercise at school?

  Has your school/university taught you anything about how to live a healthy life?

  Friends and family/parents

  Do you think family members should live together?

  When do you spend time with your family?

  Do you often go out with your friends?

  Do you prefer to spend time with your family or with your friends? Why?

  Which do you think is more important, your family or your friends? Why?


  Do you often play games?

  Can you get information about this game on the internet?

  What benefits do you get from playing this game?

  Do different age groups of people like to play different games? (Examples? What games?)

  What can people learn from games?


  Do you carry a bag (when you go out)?

  What types of bags do you use in everyday life?

  What do you put in these bags?

  What sorts of bags do women like to buy?

  When you are buying a bag, what factors do you consider?

  Do you have a bag for special occasions?

  Have you ever lost a bag?

  最新雅思口语话题整理Part 2


  A polite person

  An interesting person

  An old person you respect

  A good teacher

  A good parent

  A good neighbor

  A person with an important job

  A popular band or singer/ a famous artist

  A person you want to be

  A person who became your good friend at the first meeting

  A person you enjoy talking to

  A person you know who made a wrong decision

  A popular singer or band in your country


  An interesting country you would like to visit

  A shopping street

  A place crowded with people

  A place where people go to listen to music/concert hall

  A place where you used to study or work

  A library

  A museum

  A beautiful house/flat you have visited

  A garden

  A company/factory you visited

  A 24-hour shop

  A restaurant/a cafe

  A room you spend most of the time in

  A seaside place

  A perfect holiday

  Recent changes of your hometown


  A product you were dissatisfied with

  A rule in your school with which you disagree

  Your favorite means of communication

  A movie or a book about future

  A film about real people or event

  A song which has special meaning for you

  A book (about history)

  A radio program

  A TV program/film (which makes you laugh)

  A photograph

  A piece of art

  A story or film you heard or saw when you were a kid

  A (an old) photo which you like

  An advertisement that made you want to buy something

  Another language (not English, or mandarin) you would learn if you wanted

  A toy that was important to you in your childhood

  A useful website

  A type of clothing that you usually like to wear

  An unusual job you would do in the future if you had the opportunity

  A gift you gave someone recently

  A vehicle you want to buy (car or bicycle)

  A piece of equipment (not necessarily the electronic equipment)

  An important /a familiar plant in your country


  Something that made you laugh/happy

  A sport you would like to play

  An outdoor activity

  A sport event that you watched

  A way to relax

  A wrong decision/ a decision you regret about

  A future plan

  A future work plan

  A lesson/a class or training session

  A (seaside) leisure activity

  A science course (such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics)

  A party you would like to organize for your friends or family

  A wedding ceremony

  A positive change/a healthy change

  A way you use to keep healthy

  A special meal/a meal/ a picnic you were invited to/enjoyed

  A journey/trip by public transport

  An advice you once received

  A thing which you want to do but cannot do now

  An occasion when you or other people won some kind of prize/award

  An important occasion when you were late

  An occasion when you helped someone

  A time when you learned something useful from others

  A team project or work you did with others/ a group activity

  A historical event

  An occasion what visitors visit your home

  An interesting speech






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